Neurological Recovery for the Armed Services prides itself on its comprehensive treatment model. Instead of seeing five different specialists for five different symptoms, patients at NRAS receive care for all facets of their neurological impairment. Patients are seen as a whole person and treated with comprehensive and evidence based techniques. Best practice physical therapy informs:

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NRAS Robotics provide precise and repetitive movements not easily duplicated by sole human means which is crucial to recovery after a brain or spinal cord injury. The benefits of robotic gait training are immense, but some of the most notable ones are: spasticity reduction, increased circulation, mobility, strength, and tolerance to weight bearing. These modalities are unparalleled and raise the standard of rehabilitative care to new heights. NRAS (by association with its parent clinic) is the largest robotic gait-training facility in the world.

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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy offers an unconventional approach to skilled physical therapy provided outside of our main gym. The water offers body weight support via the strategic mixture of salt and chlorine to optimize buoyancy. The pool is kept at warm temperatures in order to reduce spasticity and release muscle tension in our patients. In addition, the water provides mechanical resistance to strengthen muscles and increase stamina that translate onto our land therapies.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality provides targeted therapy with our machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence features, we've tailored each exercise to patient's specific therapy needs and ability so that they receive the most efficient care possible to progress recovery.

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Yoga is a holistic practice, that addresses both physical and mental needs. As well, yoga offers mindfullness, body awareness, and presents physical challenges to increase flexibility and circulation. Yoga used in conjunction with physical therapy is the perfect duo, because of its’ capability to aid in mind and body .