Key Players

Neurological Recovery for the Armed Services has an impressive and dedicated Board of Directors- Secretary Alan Barron and Treasurer Travis Lutter. But the on-the-ground action and extraordinary measures enacted every day are brought about through the three people listed below:


dr. Randall Williams, pt, dpt

Therapist in Charge

Randall Williams, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) is an innovative therapist who received his Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology from the University of Houston, his Master’s of Science in Human Physiology from the University of North Texas, and  his Doctorate of Physical Therapy with honors from University of North Texas Health Science Center. Academically and professionally brilliant, Dr. Williams had experience in post-surgical cardiopulmonary treatment and geriatric treatment before coming to the Neurological Recovery Center to pursue neurological physical therapy as a specialty, first as a clinical affiliate, then as a Physical Therapist, and eventually as Therapist in Charge for Neurological Recovery for the Armed Services. Dr. Williams participates in academic mentorship programs  and is routinely invited to speak at local student seminars. 

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Dr. Wood.jpg

dr. brian wood, md

Clinical Director

Dr. Brian C. Wood has more than 10 years of experience as a medical director, lead physician, and attending physician. A graduate of Syracuse University and SUNY Upstate Medical University, he has gone on to specialize and become an expert in non-surgical orthopedics, to traumatic brain injuries, pain management, spinal cord care, and clinical neurophysiology to name a few. As a doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation, he is fascinated by the interface of neurological injury and its compromise with bioelectric technology. He believes this to be the future of neurorehabilitation.


Bruce Conti

President and Founder

Bruce Conti, a lifelong resident of Fort Worth and a TCU alumnus, has been dealing in commercial real estate in the area for over twenty years. His professional experience, encompassing over two million square feet of property and high profile tenants such as Pier 1 Imports and Cook Children’s Health Care System, is remarkable. But even the enormity of his business professionalism is overshadowed by the strides Mr. Conti has made for the advancement of neurological rehabilitation.

Following the anoxic brain injury of his son, Spencer, Mr. Conti immersed himself in research and scientific dialogues. He now has an encyclopedic knowledge of rehabilitative neurology, which drives NRAS and its parent clinic to excellence. Always on top of the latest and most promising medical developments, the vigilance Mr. Conti maintains for Spencer permeates and advances the capability of Neurological Recovery for the Armed Services.




Sheril Z. Appel

Chief Operating Officer


With more than 25 years of healthcare experience, Sheril has joined Neurological Recovery Center and Neurological Recovery for the Armed Services, as the Chief Operating Officer. She earned her master’s degree in communication disorders from University of Houston and her bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in education from Tulane University. Sheril is a clinician by trade, having worked in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors of healthcare. She has served as a healthcare provider and an administrator.  From speech language pathologist to CEO, her passion now lies in healthcare leadership and business operations. Her broad scope of accomplishments includes proven leadership in a variety of rehabilitation settings. Sheril is married to the love of her life, and together they have 2 children and 2 dogs.  When she is not working or with family, you can catch her reading, practicing yoga, or tap dancing.