about Deanna

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DeAnna has a passion for Education, Yoga, and Neuroscience and has been fortunate to combine these passions into a career she loves. DeAnna believes the mind to be an incredibly powerful component in creating our life experience, always encouraging her clients to tap into that inner power. Practicing yoga since 1993, during her undergraduate studies at The University of Oklahoma, DeAnna experienced the benefits of the practice and was hooked. During her Master's Degree studies at TWU, DeAnna received a scholarship within the Kinesiology department, introducing her to the world of Adaptive Physical Education. During this time, DeAnna worked as support staff for individuals with brain injuries and developmental delays. Her first career out of College was as a Special Education teacher at both the Elementary and High School level.  In 2005, with the support of Psychiatrists, Nurses, and Counselors at a 12-Step treatment facility, she developed the Breathe into Recovery  Program, specializing in yoga for addiction recovery, trauma, and PTSD.  In 2007, DeAnna opened a yoga studio in the DFW area and began training yoga teachers through her Breathe into Awareness Programs. Forever fascinated by the power of the mind and body and driven by her dedication to learning, in 2014 DeAnna trained to become a Life Coach, specializing in cognitive neuroscience. 

When DeAnna is not working, she is managing a large, never-boring, blended family, learning more cool stuff, riding her bike, or practicing yoga!